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Paladin's Water Wall

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Paladin's Water Wall Fountain
Dynamic color-cycling water wall
in two styles and three materials


Beautifully crafted, Paladin's Water Wall Fountain cycles through all the colors of the spectrum as its water flows down the beautiful sculpted wall. Just click to start or stop the water flow. The fountain looks great even when it's not running -- the sculpted rock background makes a lovely framed sculpture on its own. Both styles feature authentic fountain sounds and beautiful, realistic particle effects. Each box contains two water walls, one in each style: with pool and without.

Two styles: with and without pool

The plain framed style is ideal as a wall sculpture, either turned on or off. For a special effect, make it phantom and use Paladin's Waterwall as a magic rippling doorway into a hidden room or a cave.

The waterwall with attached pool is especially attractive, combining the realistic dripping stones of the plainer style with a chromatic water spray that drops into the gently rippling pool.

Copy/Mod: make as many as you like

Both styles are copy/mod, except for the scripts which are locked. You can change the size of either style if you like, although the sprayers are carefully calibrated to fit the original size and work best that way. You can resize the fountain larger with no ill effects, and you can make it smaller if you don't mind a little water dripping on the floor.

The outside frame and pool can be retextured if you like. The stone backwall and the water itself use scripted textures and effects that can't be changed or permanently altered.

Customized sizes can be arranged if you need a particular dimension or effect. As shipped, the water walls are 6 meters high and 4 meters wide.

See it in action!

The still pictures on this page can't adequately show the beauty of this fountain. You'll get a much fuller appreciation if you view the video:

Paladin's Water Wall Fountain is available at at our shop and at the SL Marketplace.

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