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Paladin's Sunbeam


Definitely not your usual sunbeam!
Scripted with lots of configurable options. Beautiful anywhere!

This beautiful, realistic sunbeam has enough options to suit any location and every fantasy. Completely configurable by notecard, you can adjust it to behave in any way you like. It's gorgeous in a woodland setting, or as a highlight in a single tree.

Sunbeam in the afternoon:

Paladin's Sunbeam fades in slowly at sunrise, achieving its fullest effect when the sun is high. A variety of birds sing all day. As sunset approaches, the beam's angle lengthens and it slowly dims as the sun dips toward the horizon, until by sundown it has disappeared entirely. Bird song is replaced by crickets while an owl hoots softly at intervals. All configurable, of course.

Sunbeam in late afternoon:


Embedded in the sunbeam are a variety of uncommon bird songs for day, as well as crickets and owls for night. You can add your own bird songs too by simply dropping them in.

Lots of options!

While the default settings work great, Paladin's Sunbeam also comes with simple instructions for customizing its behavior. Editing its notecard allows you to:

Copy/mod permissions allow you to create as many sunbeams as you like and add your own bird songs. Paladin's Sunbeam is 20 meters long. For best results, place about a third of it in the ground at high noon so the beam has room to lengthen as it moves.

You can see Paladin's Sunbeam at our shops, which are listed at the right. At our in-world stores, the sunbeam is always visible and movment has been turned off so you can always see it whenever you arrive.

Sunbeam at sunset, nearly gone now:

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