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Version 2.0 - Mote Remote!
Particle Script Generator for Second Life® Scripters
for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux

Whether you are an experienced Second Life scripter or a beginner just starting out, Mote™ has been designed for you. For advanced users, Mote provides the fastest, easiest way to generate Second Life particle scripts, full of shortcuts and quick tricks. For newcomers, Mote presents in-depth documentation and contextual-based Help Text to get novices up to speed. Mote creates scripts automatically and comes packed with ready-made particle scripts for instant use.

New in version 2.0: Mote Remote!

Remote updates

Mote now has our most-requested feature—remote updates. Without ever leaving Mote you can change and update particle systems in Second Life as you work. No more copying and pasting, you don’t even need to open a script editor. Just drag Mote’s receiving script into your prim, and Mote and your prim will talk to each other. Then click a button and watch your particles update instantly while SL runs in the background.


Along with Mote Remote come playlists, lists of particle settings that you can set up as a schedule to play automatically from your computer without any supervision, whether you are logged into SL or not. Playlists are great for dynamic particle systems at live music events, around dancefloors, or at performances. Or use a playlist as a cue sheet and change particles in any order whenever you want. Fire a canon, explode a prim, or set the stage on fire with a single click.

Not to mention other stuff

Version 2.0 now has 44 presets and five different script templates to cover more scripting situations. We’ve also added options for generating a full template script in case you want all the parameters available, and another option for the tiniest one-line particle system SL can recognize. You can now import .lsl particle scripts as well as text files, and we’ve updated imports so they recognize the new "llLinkParticleSystem" syntax. Plus there are interface improvements like drag and drop, new preferences, and other niceties. You can’t go wrong with this version, it’s got just about everything.

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Mote is the only software-based particle script generator available for all popular operating systems: Macintosh, Linux, and Windows.

Of course, all the features you expect are still there:

For new particle scripters

The particle syntax is complex. Maybe you don’t want to memorize it. Or maybe you do want to learn it but there just isn’t enough information in one place to tell you what all those terms mean, or how particles are supposed to behave.

Mote was written for you. The professional documentation is full of info about the SL™ particle system and assumes no prior knowledge. It explains each set of options, the terminology, and lets you learn as much or as little as you like.

And if all you really want to do is generate some quick scripts, you don’t even need the docs. Just choose a preset and click a button.

For experienced scripters

Mote was designed as a developer tool by an SL scripter and real-life programmer, to generate particle systems more easily than any in-world gadget could possibly allow. While there are lots of script generators in Second Life, they are all hindered by SL’s restrictive interface: typing commands into chat, using intrusive dialogs, wearing a HUD, clicking and waiting on server response, and then finally copying script output manually from the tiny chat window. It’s tedious, awkward and slow. And making even a small change to a script means plowing through blocks of text to find the parameter you need.

The goal? Something fast and elegant that made all those changes easy to find and quick to fix.

Ergo, Mote.

Mote isn’t limited by Second Life’s interface restrictions. Because it’s real software, it’s the fastest and most visual way to generate a particle script. Make a few entries into fields — or use the shortcut menus for common values. Click a few checkboxes, hit a button, and watch the prim update in-world. When you're ready to make a permanent script, you don’t even have to select the output, it’s copied to the clipboard automatically. Click, click, paste.

Do you script off-line? Mote is great for that. Scripters will appreciate the template that creates only the particle system syntax for integration into their own work. And if you’re concerned about script memory, you’ll like how Mote strips out all the extras and produces the smallest possible code. No unnecessary lines, no extra fluff. If the function doesn’t need it, it isn’t in there.

Mote Teaches

Everything you need to know about particles in a professional PDF User Guide, accessible right from the Help menu. How particles work. What SL does with them and what to watch out for. And importantly, what every parameter means and what it does. And yeah, we define “parameter”.

Don’t read docs? Mote has Help Text. Point to anything on screen and an explanation appears. It’s a great memory aid, all the limits and ranges are in there. After you learn it all, you can turn it off.

Mote Imports and Saves

Mote imports the most common SL particle scripts, the ones you find all over the place in SL. Even easier, you don’t need to save the script to a file, you can import directly from the clipboard if you want. Copy a script in SL and bring it into Mote immediately.

Save either your completed scripts or just the parameter settings to your hard drive. It’s easy to keep a collection and reload them on demand. You don’t ever have to worry that Second Life will lose your work. It’s on your computer.

Easy Presets and Little Arrows

Mote comes with Presets — pre-made particle settings — for use as-is, or as a launching point for creating your own. In addition, all the entry fields have little arrows that pop up menus with common settings. Very quick.

Don’t waste time on useless stuff

Some parameters ignore others, and some depend on others. Some things don’t work with other things. Mote tells you which is which. If you choose an option that has dependencies, Mote disables the useless ones so you don’t waste your time on them. (The Help Text tells you too.)

Angle clarity

SL likes radians and Mote lets you enter them. But most of us think in degrees, and Mote understands that. Enter your angle in degrees and Mote automatically converts it. No math.

Visualize angles

See a diagram in your chosen colors that shows how Second Life will draw your angles. No more guessing. It updates dynamically, just change the numbers and watch.
Mote’s Angle Visualizer compared to Second Life

Vector clairvoyance

How long does it take you to type <1.0,1.0,1.0>? There’s an easier way. Enter a single number, and Mote will fill in all the details for you. Want a bunch of zeroes? Type "0" and move on. Mote fills in <0.0,0.0,0.0>. It works for any decimal number of any length.

Weaving a Texture

Leave the texture blank to use the default Second Life texture, or pick one from Mote’s little arrow menu. Or enter a UUID. Your choice.

What’s the vector for chartreuse?

You don’t have to guess any more. The "Start Color" and "End Color" fields have shortcut arrows for primary colors, but even better, a click brings up the color picker. Mote will convert your color automatically to the equivalent vector.


When you are ready to create a permanent particle script, Mote makes it easy. No more selecting, dragging, copying. As soon as you create a script, it’s put in the clipboard, ready for the Second Life editor. Click, paste.

Script types

Your choice:
  • On Touch: toggles particles on and off when the prim is clicked.
  • On Entry: for a permanent particle emitter.
  • Repeating: New in 2.0! Timed bursts of particles for repeating effects
  • No Script: just the llParticleSystem([]) function with all your parameter settings. Good for writing code.
  • Stop Particles: removes a particle system from a prim and then the script deletes itself. Poof.
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