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Paladin's Oil Lamp

low-high light examples
1890 Oil Lamp reproduction with real working parts
Elegantly scripted, exquisite detail

This reproduction of an oil lamp, circa 1890, is so realistic you'll look for a match. Just turn the wick raiser knob by holding or clicking to adjust the flame, anywhere from low and romantic to high and illuminating. The amount of light it gives off, and the surrounding area that is lit, changes according to the height of the flame.

Click the body of the lamp to toggle the flame off and on. It will remember your last setting when you light it again. And when the flame goes out, a realistic wisp of smoke rises from the chimney.

Beautifully textured and made with completely original parts, this lamp looks and acts like no other in SL. The sculpted chimney is more delicate and finely turned than the ones found in common builder's sculpt packs, and is faithful to the real life original.

Permissions are copy/mod, except for the script which is copy only. You will be able to change the lamp's size and appearance if you like, though it's so lovely we don't think you'll want to.

See the pictures below to fully appreciate the detail and beauty of this unique lamp.

Paladin's Oil Lamp at the SL Marketplace

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Lamp dark Lamp unlit
Lamp Lit Lamp lit, medium flame
Lamp lit front view
Lamp base Lamp globe
Lamp globe Lamp base

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